Wylion Reel Dumbshit EP 47: I Am Only Slightly Amused

Personalities Clash and Agree on Several Point Fecalality Stupidicaious. Shunt and Redacted Lead The Charge Through the Sewers Of Entertainment, by Lead we mean the actual Element Lead.

This Episode Contains the following Stuff

Joker Teaser Trailer
Us Review
Shazam Review
Akira Live Action News
LIsts of Marvel Villians Enter The Lists Of Dismiss
The Craft Remake
Hellboy HIstory Lesson
Black Widow Disney Plus Series Details
Toff Guys Change Name to The Gentlemen

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WYLION Reel Dumbshit EP 37: 21 Things We Could Hate About You

21 Things We Could Hate About You
Oh the humanity sickness has prevented us posting this one on time but it just means there’s gonna be more posted in February than any month this year

Shunt and Redacted Shout through the Influenza to spit Hot Fire on Entertainment Agendas. 

Starting Off with

Ghostbusters Reboot Controversy 

Shunts Film Philosophy

Shazzam TV Spot

Red Sonja Musings

The Punisher Season 2 Review

Highlander Reboot?

Kill Or be Killed

Happy Season 2

Spiderman Far from Home Trailer

John Wick 3 Parabellum 

Bloodshot First Pics

Space Force made by the creator of The American Office

God Is Good

Of Mics and Men

Monopoly The Movie….Sweet Jebus

Reel Challenges

Home Alone Recast With Comic Book Characters

Labyrinth Recast With Comic Book Characters

Plus Plenty more Dumbshit In Between 

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WYLION Reel Dumbshit EP 33: 2 Freemen Talking About Stuff

Shunt and Redacted Dive Head on into the following Stuff Trailer Gloss overs Stranger Things 3 teaser Brightburn Umbrella Academy

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