Whatever you are doing just stop it and listen to this, Reel Dumbshit is a podcast that you are invited to absorb into your appropriate head space.

Hosted by Shunt and Redacted this show blows the mind and cleans up the mess…. Most of the time.

This Episode focuses on the following stuff and makes it informative and funny. Observe…. I mean listen to the following subject’s:

Star wars
Bad Boys for life (bad boys 3)
Motherless Brooklyn
Once upon a time in Hollywood
The Gentlemen
The films that were never made but would have seen.
The importance of goodcasting
Cast switcheroo featuring Guy Richie films
Brother Grimsby Artistic place in history

Series focus on
Curb your enthusiasm
The Rookie
Killer Inside: The mind of Aaron Hernandez

The Mailbag returns with Flintstones and Scooby doo Scrappy shenanigans

Plus much much more

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WYLION REEL DUMBSHIT S2 EP 1: Rhyme, Reason and A Brand New Season

Shunt Here With The Season Premier Of Season 2 Introducing Project Ice Cream 2.0 3 Concepts  1 TV Series 1

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WYLION Reel Dumbshit EP51: The 1% Of The 100 Episodes Where This Happens

The 1% Of The 100 Episodes Where This Happens
Hello Go Reelaz (Thats You So Beat Your Chest) This is the Voice Of Shunt We Are Vastly Developing the Next Series of Reel Dumbshit which is Going To Be Relaunching officially hopefully in August. In the meantime we have already recorded these The Weeks after EP 50 which Should be Obviously Obvious as we are talking as this stuff is about to happen and well most of it hasn’t but Thats our main disclaimer which most of you guys won’t see this

To Quote Timberland Its Been a Long time, we Shouldn’t have left you, without a strong beat to step to, Step to stte step to Steppp to steee stepp chicka chicka Baby Girl….

This Episode Covers

End Game

Game of Thrones Dark Episode

Salem Lot

Dracula On Instagram 

Fantastic 4 Stuff

Sonic the Hedgehog

Plus Tangents The Mailbag and Other Dumb Stuff

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WYLION Reel DumbShit EP46: Aim For The Head Of Light Entertainment

This Podcast Is remarkably Late but its a Result of the Heat and Technology, After all the Gurus of Stupid Bum Voodoo Shunt And Redacted Tackle the following Subjects like a Cocaine fuelled 70s Football Defender Clashing With the Young Legs of Millennial 

Ranging from 

Redacted Film Announcement

Apple and Google Game Streaming launch

The State Of UK Comedy

Stanger Things 3

Shang Tsung in MK 11

FOX And Disney Deal Finalised

Hulk Hogan The Movie

Lucy in The Sky

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WYLION Reel Dumbshit EP 41: Unfortunately There Are No Strippers

The Go-Reelers from the Abyss of the internets you have been summoned By Shunt and Redacted To Listen to Them and do Something or absolutely Nothing its your choice!

Speaking of choices heres our line up of topics for the week

Kevin Smith and Jay Mewes RAP Battle

Motherless Brooklyn

Black Panther

Netflix Cancel Hulu Restarts

The Offenders

Amazons New Plans

Abducted In Plain Sight

Umbrella Academy

Blomkamps Conviction in Anthem 

Red Sonja on hold

plus Other Dumbstuff that would leave bums

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WYLION Reel Dumbshit EP 33: 2 Freemen Talking About Stuff

Shunt and Redacted Dive Head on into the following Stuff Trailer Gloss overs Stranger Things 3 teaser Brightburn Umbrella Academy

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