Wylion Reel Dumbshit EP 47: I Am Only Slightly Amused

Personalities Clash and Agree on Several Point Fecalality Stupidicaious. Shunt and Redacted Lead The Charge Through the Sewers Of Entertainment, by Lead we mean the actual Element Lead.

This Episode Contains the following Stuff

Joker Teaser Trailer
Us Review
Shazam Review
Akira Live Action News
LIsts of Marvel Villians Enter The Lists Of Dismiss
The Craft Remake
Hellboy HIstory Lesson
Black Widow Disney Plus Series Details
Toff Guys Change Name to The Gentlemen

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WYLION Reel Dumbshit EP 44: It Never Ends, But When Did it Begin

Shunt And Redacted Stumble In, Through, On and around the deprived sewer Rivers of Entertainment and Argue Furiously.

Which isn’t New How Ever This Particular one is Had to be viewed over by our lawyers (Our mate that has played Phoenix Wright on hard and Watched a lot of Judge Judy.)

Here are some of the stuff argued about:

Winter Solider vs Civil War Which One Is Better?, Bucket List Cameos Collider and Entertainment Weekly Top Marvel Film Lists, The Replaceables Featuring Judge Dredd, Transformers, Interview With A Vampire.

Heres some the Stuff talked about: Captain Marvel, Skrulls vs Chitauri, CW UNIVERSE and Arrow Last Season, Good Boys, Suicide Squad 2 Idris Elba Potentially Playing Deadshot, Warriors TV Show, Stuber, Coffee and Karim

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