What In BOBB’s Name

Now I’m not here to tell you of doom days prophecies or reasons why your here, i mean those words hardly have any meaning at the moment, i should know as i invented them all part of the complex plan i have.

My name is Bobb I’m the caretaker and this is my 1st job. The milky way got its name by accident as we are the only universe where milk is an export. reason being is that thats all the tourist like about it. the idea that our species are almost self serving self operated and self preserving was revolutionary. tourists from the Andromeda, The Elkhaba, Induiet, and the Vigo used to visit all the time during the hey day even had their own centres of recruitment before the malfunctions started to materialise.

ever wondered why the ant is the most successful and doomed species on the planet its because they stick to the plan out of instinct they were made that way so the earth remains fertile ironically all of the species have their purpose, their functions, their needs

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