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The Contingency Plan

Written By Bradley Clark

The UK Is caught within the aftermath of two nuclear fallouts disturbing what lies beneath the the surface of both reality and humanity. Contingency plan Follows the dramatic fall of man, the possible redemption and the rise of the Nephilim.Set in London in the aftermath of 2 nuclear fallouts over europe destroying the majority of london now awash with contamination and underground tunnels filled to the brim with desperation and fear In the build up to the 1st strike from an unknown source . The “Nuke” is forced down to explode on the offshore island Brazil aye by american intervention. An ancient Babylonian portal is disturbed and activates causing the whole earth to burn in a sporadic rings of nuclear fire knocking out major areas of human activity indirectly. America is blamed for testing a new weapon without proper intel of the deserted island. With Jerusalem destroyed the remainder of Israelites and Palestinians form together and launch the remainder of known nuclear weapons towards the west and the east leaving only a few pockets of life left. A prophecy of a burning earth, sunken cities, and the overwhelming stench of death means the builders/Nephilim are destined to rise up to clear the foundation and start a new.  With the hidden secrets of history coming back to poison hope of survival What was planned before was survival…. what exists is the ruins of the past The future makes no plans

Season 1 covers the lives of Gable Jones and Shane Dale in the beginnings of fallouts with flashbacks of their former lives and glimpses of the politics of a third world war/extinction level event & details the people put in charge of creating the contingency plan.

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