WYLION Reel Dumbshit S2 EP4: The Winchester Proxy

Recorded during Week 1 of quarantine. released now with the purpose to help us all reflect….Maybe. Buy OUR Merch!!! Teepublic and TeeSpring Paypal DM Me bank account details…. (“,)

Twas a Silly Time where people frolicked in the street free of paranoia. A time where memes would occasionally pop up on your phone involving some form of bacterial joke. You would chuckle and hi five your friends, and kiss people in the mouth. Thinking OMG people are seriously over reacting to this. How Wrong and Right we all were.

The good old days before the full paranoia of 5G, conspiracy theories of lizards, inconvenient shopping, Boxset Completions, shelves and flatpack completed builds, and the P,N,O and R Buttons were not as faded on your keyboard.

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Starring Shunt, Redacted and Dumb Stuff




Walking Dead

Pandemic Films


For The Culture: CW Dropouts

For The Bantz: Rules of Conduct