WYLION Reel Dumbshit 53: Nature vs Nurture

Hello Go Reelaz (Thats You So Beat Your Chest) This is the Voice Of Shunt We Are Vastly Developing the Next Series of Reel Dumbshit which is Going To Be Relaunching officially hopefully in August. In the meantime we have already recorded these The Weeks after EP 51 which Should be Obviously Obvious as we are talking as this stuff is about to happen and well most of it hasn’t but Thats our main disclaimer which most of you guys won’t see this

To Quote Timberland Its Been a Long time, we Shouldn’t have left you, without a strong beat to step to, Step to stte step to Steppp to steee stepp chicka chicka Baby Girl….

This Episode Covers

Shunt In The Right Direction (New Segment)

Brie Larson as Samus

Micheal Rocco as King Shark

It Chapter 2 Trailer

Marvel Stuffs

DC Stuffs

Shunts Mindgames on Redacted

Mailbag Shenanigans

Plus Other Dumbshit

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