WYLION Reel Dumbshit EP49: Note To Self Boomerangs Bounce of Concrete

Shunt and redacted are back with a thunderous Clap To the Heavens Of Entertainment Raining Down Like Hammer fists to a cuddly toy that reminds you of someone you hate and love that just won’t stop meowing through important parts of editing….

This episode Contains The Following Stuffs

The Professor

The Mandalorian

Star Wars 9: Rise of Starwalker

Spawn details

Cobra Kai Season 2

One Punch Man Season 2

Disney Plus News

Hellboy Flop

Dame Edna Transphobia

Tangents, dumbshizzle

Plus Much Much More

Be Warned Go Reelers: Shunt Has Actually Done Research… This Episode and its answers the on going I wonder what the show would be like if …..

Both Myself (Bradley) and Jermaine The Co Funders of WYLION Are Almost Proud of the Both Of Them for such a ram packed show. Despite it taking ages to edit

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