WYLION Reel Dumbshit EP 43: The Tender Meats Of Conversation

Yet Again the Quagmires of Intelligent Dribble are back for a debatable Quibble on the Realm of Entertainment Leavings.

Shunt & Redacted Give Warranted Opinions on the following Points for the purpose of Education and Entertainment (Disclaimer: They Said it not Us, Lots of Love The WYLION Team aka Bradley Clark & Jermaine Hurley)

Ahem so the Following Subjects will be Discussed (Argued Mainly) 

The Perils of Click Baiting

The Rundown

Brie Larsons Comment

Ian Mckellens Comment

Jared Meets Jared

Luke Perry and Keith Flint RIP

Alex Jones On Joe Rogan

Plus Miscellaneous Departures on sensible Conduct in between

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