WYLION Reel Dumbshit EP36: Chambers, Omens and Crazy Fists

Redacted and Shunt Bickerings about the Less than smart bottomless bottom leavings in Entertainment Continue into the new year.. Proving the Motto Stupid is, is how stupid does.

Ranging From

Surviving R Kelly aka R Kelly’s Closeted People

Trumps Wall Speech aka Trumps Wall Speech

Punisher Teaser Trailer/Series aka The Skull T-Shirt That Hurts

Netflix being Sued by Choose Your own Adventure aka The Great War

Coming To America 2 aka Why Oh God Why!

Bird of Prey in Production aka the Flight of Potential Dreams/Nightmares

Titans First Impressions aka why Robin So Angry? 

Bad Boys For Lif3 and The Will Smith Factor aka Who Else

Gemini Man aka 20 years of Pointlessness maybe

Little aka Fully Reverse Big

Mail Bag Shenanigans 

What video game character would be?

plus loads more in between dumbstruck fecal matters!!!

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